YEN 2021

As we are closing the year, wanted to share some updates on BEN and our allied entrepreneurship and alumni orgs. Over the last 6 months BEN was working mainly via our partner org YEN,  , We organized 30+ YEN Meetups,with entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders, academicians, students. 

Why am i updating about YEN on BEN ? Basically, YEN, WEN, TEN, JEN, BEN are like partner orgs with a shared vision of promoting  and accelerating Entrepreneurship. What did YEN do in these 6 months, below is a draft summary of speakers, topics

We have been able to organize 30+ speaker sessions over last 6 months, one startup boorcamp and pitch fest,

Now looking forward to another year of Entrepreneurshup Sessions via Zoon in 2021 and hopefully in person sessions ib 2022