Post Corona World

The world is no longer going to be the same. For centuries sages in Bharat / Hindusthan / India and many other saints and scholars have been saying and practictiing it too. Technology has been a keen enabler to that,. Developmemt of Roads, Boats, Ships, Airpalnes could enable people to travel from their villages to cities and across the country and later global.

In Recent decades journalists, scholars, furturists like Paul Krugman Tom Friedmnan, Yuwal Noah Harari have been talking anout Globalization in their articles, books, lectures and podcasts but 2020 is that pivotal moment. We had a similar moments during World Wars between  1914-1918 and 1939-1945 and  expetcted technological disrptuon in 2000 *Y2K". Now Corona ( Covid19) has rbrought humanity to a similar moment of criisis and like always change will be fast forwarded. The The End of History  was postulated postulated by Francis Fukuyama in 1992 and later postponed. I have bene saying this in my own small circles that End of Geography is here. On a Google serch found that a financial analyst, Richard O’Brien had explained this in his book

Few of these, are being enabled by technoligies like ,Skype, Cisco Google,/ YouTube Facebook , which acceleratesd remote work from few startups or global corporations to manstream.

After 2020 and post-Corona world, whether to allow emplloyees or consultants to work remotely or not will not be optional but become compulsory, Yes Face to Fsce meeting over coffee or lunch and dinner will continue to be imoirtant but deals may start getting signed over a zoom call or google hangout and  contacts gettting signed by docusign.    

One of the positive aspects about these Global Disruptions cauased by Corona has been that humanity has come closer to each other. People have come to realzie that how food habits in remote Wuhan of China can bring a Global Health Crisis. We used to know as the Buttefly Effect where the flutter of a Butterfly in one part of world can cause a major storm or disruption in remote parts of world. 

What is the good news here ? Yes, many politicians were living in denial. Nationalism was on rise and what Corona has shown in few weeks and months that a small adverse event or development in one part of world can dramatically impact global travel, commerce and economy in a dramatic manner. Now finally peoiple are coming under one platform to collectively got their act together. World Leaders to Meet Virtually to Coordinate Coronavirus Response on 25th March 2020. As a Hindu/Bhartatiya/Indian living abroad in San Jose California am especially proud of the way Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi & his team have handled this crisis. Right from Stakeholder engagement, Crisis Management, Communication , Team India had led from the front and am hoping that rest of world takes some inspiration. Rather than getting in a oanick or deniall mode, suhc crisis need Leadership from Front. HIs PM Modi's 21 day Complete Lockdown Address was the most watched event on tv. That is the leadership the world needs. Today in a TV Show, it was great to hear from Panera Bread CEO Niren Chudhary on TV that his company will help feed school children in Ohio to start with and maybe other states in time to come