Entrepreneurship vs Job

Often many entrepreneurs had to start with a job since it takes years to build a start-up. There are few famous examples of someone starting a business (entrepreneur) from school or high school/college drop outs. Bill Gates & Mark Zuckerberg are among the most famous Harvard drop outs.and we also have  examples like Elon Musk who has started or DISRUPTED not one but many industries. 

Many of my alumni from my school (Saink School Tilaiya) or other Sainik Schools (25+) or even college (AN College Patna) or my MBA college, IIM Ahmedabad or IM Society for all 20 IIMs, or even members of various entrepreneurship, alumni  & community groups, few are listed below

  1. Bihar Entrepreurs Network 

    1. Linkedin  https://in.linkedin.com/company/bharatnetwork

    2. Facebook 

  2. Jharkhand Entrepreurs Network

    1. Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/jharkhand-entrepreneurs-network

    2. Facebook


My answer to all of them is different but has few common threads so thought will share in a blog to my current favorite venture and that is https://bharatnetwork.org

  1. Make sure  of doing lot of experiments in life , some can be risky and some can be safe but unless you have a safety net like your family (school or college dropouts often had one but many didn't. Each story is different. Try out few things
  2. Do it well. Whatever you do, be it studies or dancing or painting or a startup, but give a lot of heart and soul to it. Don't be afraid.of failures. In fact treat Failures like experiments and make sure you keep a journal to take notes on lessons from that experiment
  3. If you are looking for a job then doing a startup or working with startups or volunteering can open many doors too

more later ....