Covid19 (Corona Pandemic)

Covid19 (Corona Pandemic) & needs a High NQ response

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We hypothesized & shared many years back that the role of NQ is critical to all beings. Both living and non-living in creation, survival, sustenance, growth, and containment. In recent weeks one topic has captured the attention of all humans across the globe and that is Corona Virus ( Covid19). It is scary because it is a Virus ( goes Viral fast). Both the disease as well as the information about it has become viral. Right from the UN & WHO to all the governments in the world as well as Corporations, NGOs are marshaling their resources to contain this pandemic. 


Communication Networks have advanced a lot and in the age of the Internet and tools like WhatsAppTelegramFacebookGoogleYouTube LinkedInTwitterSnapchatInstagramTVRadio both good or correct news as well as bad or incorrect news spreads vast and that is what we call them. Often Things go VIRAL and Corona is a Virus so it is expected to go Viral. 


Coming back to role of NQ . A person or society or a disease both can have high NQ or low NQ. It can be used for good or bad. So the best way to understand what is happening in the current Corona epidemic which is going viral, as well as all the efforts to contain, is to understand and leverage the concepts of NQ. It requires our administrators in government as well as medical & civic society globally to apply a high degree of NQ to contain this element. The example of South Korea is very apt here. They are the leading edge of technology in the world, ranging from Smart Phones to TV or 5G and they have been leading the way in Corona response too. 

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