Chakhna Shot by IIMA Alum Amar

New year, new goals. And for most of us, it has got something to do with fitness, as we enthusiastically sign up for gym memberships and kick off keto diets. But as it always goes each year, most of us give up within the first few weeks, because, let’s face it, for how long can apple slices and greet tea satisfy our evening-time hunger pangs? But Chakhna Shot wants to tell you that your 4pm pick-me-up needn’t be so drab. Operating under parent company Belly Fit F&B, the Gurugram-based startup was founded in October 2018 by IIM-Ahmedabad alumnus Amar Choudhary to provide healthy snack options that don’t scrimp on taste. The startup was recently selected for Amazon’s Launchpad program, a platform by the eCommerce giant that showcases cutting-edge products of innovative startups. “On doing some research I found out that healthy snacking was limited to the premium segment. Cracking into the mass segment is what I aspire for. I believe that irrespective of the buying power, every individual should get access to good snacks,” says Amar, 38.  Amar Choudhary, Founder of Chakhna Shot