CES 2020 Recap

Returned from CES 2020 on Friday evening with Manoj Goel, Nikhil Goel, Vishal Goel, Akash in car.. It is an 8-hour drive so sharing some notes on highlights, experiences from the mega-event. 

175,000+ attendees. 4,500+ Companies, 1,000+ speakers

I am from भारत, which is a country of 1.3+ billion+ people and hundreds of festivals and thousands of events so everything is a very large scale One such event is Kumbh Mela कुम्भ मेला ( largest spiritual festival in the world)  every 12 years.

CES is a similar festival of consumer electronics, Just like in Kumbh Mela कुम्भ मेला focus is on devotion, spirituality, here the world gathers for the largest festival of consumer electrics.  This is where major corporations like Apple, Google, Samsung as well startups/entrepreneurs geeks gather and showcase their latest technology, gadgets, devices. Some seek to form alliances, some gain investors some gain clients, sone gain publicity.


This year it was special for me as I had volunteered with a team in the 1st Inda Tech Park sponsored by Motwani Jadeja Foundation by Asha Jadeja Motwani. We had 6 entrepreneurs (winners( join us in the booth to showcase their products, gain clients, partners and even investors. We had a pitch day also with many investors attending. 


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