CES 2020 at Las Vegas Monday 6th Jan

Today 6th Jan 2020  flew from San Jose early morning to Las Vegas to join CES 2020

https://youtu.be/8qjr0F_Za_s  Trying to broadcast via YouTube, not sure about the quality but will send better videos from tomorrow. Today Jan 6th we have a dinner reception in Las Vegas hosted by Asha Jadeja Motwani for Indian Investors Her non-profit Motwani Jadeja Foundation is also sponsoring the 1st India Expo at CES 2020.




More later after dinner, meanwhile I will be busy taking pictures, videos, meeting people. Special thanks to Manoj Goel of from iitstartups for including me in his entourage. His two entrepreneur sons Vishal Goel from Berkely and Nikhil Goel Stanford both BSc. Computer Science. We also have Utkarsh Roy of University of Toronto and founder of  http://www.ohwowapps.com/