AI/ML Track TiEcon 2020

TIECon 2020 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) Track is a must attend for those looking to get a bird's eye view of the Artificial Intelligence landscape.

The Speakers will be bringing a broad range of perspectives to address key Artificial Intelligence (AI) trends, challenges and successes across horizontal platforms and vertical industry segments. The track is quite diverse with keynote sessions, panels and fireside chats to elevate your learning experience. Come join us for the enlightening AI/ML Track. Register for the conference ASAP!!!


Few imprortant and urgent  reasons why many of us might be interested in TiEcon would be

  1. AI & Machine Learning is becoming essentail across all industries and domains. It has almost become part of basic literacy for all entrepreneurs. Even  students in schools are beginnning to start learning and using AI & ML just like few years back many started learning Computers as kids besides Social Sciences. It is the natural progression for STEM and the E in Engineering needs to be complemented with AI and ML since soon the Robots can do what we humans do as good as humans , cheaper, better and faster. 
  2. An improtant demographic trend is the steady rise of Indian origin CEOs and Entrepreneurs in the world of technology and entrepreneurship is increasig at an exponentail world. This would be a good place to connect & network with them
  3. TiE is no longer just an Indic or South Asian Tech Entrepreneurship org but Diversity & Inclusion is increasting at an exponetial rate too. This year we have a seperate track for
  4. Detailed list of our Sponsors and Speakers will be updated later next  week so keep visiting TiE website especially If you have any ideas or comments then can reach me at +1 203.987.4452 on WhatsApp or our TiE Team at