What is BEN ? ( Bharat Entrepreneurs Network )

It is a Platform to accelerate entrepreneurship in/by/from भारत (Bhara)t & people with roots in Bharat (भारत.)

We are using the name Bharat instead of India for a specific reason. As has often been said we have many versions within this country. On one hand, we have the “western- dominated” strata of society but we also have a larger percentage of the population that is disconnected from the upper 1%. We would like to go back to our roots and connect with the bottom of the pyramid billions. We will help the top 1% reconnect with the bottom 99% too and make it possible to reconnect with them. It is a moral imperative as well as makes business sense.

When we planned BEN at IIT Delhi and launched at IIFT Delhi, we promised and envisioned helping accelerate the transition of Bharat from a nation of Jobseekers to a nation of Jobcreators (Entrepreneurs).

The vision of 14th PM of India PM Narendra Modi,  Niti Ayog and various industry groups and orgs like  CII Assocham, FICCI,  Nasscom , TiE and many of the entrepreneurs and investors interested in Bharat and spread across the world is also the same.

Rest of world is also looking up to India as the next growth engine just like America was in recent decades and China has been in recent years, we feel that within the next few decades Bharat will become one of the largest employers, producer, consumer market and economy of the world



How to join and leverage BEN, register at this website and our groups on Facebook, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Telegram or send a message to Atul Kumar in San Jose CA USA at +1 203.987.4452 or Prajwal Sinha base in Noida, Delhi NCR, Bharat at +91 90355 56431 

Core Team

Prajjwal Sinha
Atul Kumar
IIMA, PGP-2001
Santosh Pandey
CA & Controller based in Europe